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Жарких М. І. Баснословний «похід Вітовта на Дон».

Жарких М. І. Баснословний «похід Вітовта на Дон». – К.: р. (Мережева публікація)

Language of edition: ukrainian

Historical period: 1399

Unlike the real campaign on Vorskla river in 1399, «Vytautas march on the Don» was not mentioned in either the source contemporary to the «event.» In particular, completely silent about it the Lithuanian (»Vytautas» chronicle) and Great-Russian (Trinity, Rogozhsky, Simeon, Sofia 1st chronicles) sources.

How arose the legend of the march on the Don?


Author: Zharkikh Mykola Ivanovych (1956 –)

Personality: Vytautas Kejstutovych prince (1350 – 1430)

Geographical object: Don river

Subjects (3): 13 – 16-cent. political history, Myths in the history of Ukraine, Political history of the Great duchy of Lithuania