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We offer a Web site that aims to collect all the literature abouth Ukraine.

With the advent of full-text online publications classical bibliography as human activity gradually loses its right to exist. The objective of the bibliography was to facilitate access to information by collecting and distributing short descriptions of works and publications (bibliographic descriptions). With the bibliographic description in the hands one can start to search the full text of the relevant work that was usually more difficult and longer process than viewing bibliography.

So, in terms of information technology bibliography was a means of full text indexing, it accelerated to find the information by narrowing the search based on index information.

With the proliferation of broadband Internet, highly intelligent search engines and mass digitization of texts access speed to the full text became equal with the speed of access to bibliographic descriptions, search engines index with same success as brief biographical descriptions, and vast tracts of full text and publish the links as a single tape.

So to present some work to interested readers – all that is necessary and sufficient is to put its full text online. Other (indexing, search and delivery) is implemented by a modern IT infrastructure based on advanced technologies and a stable industrial base, without the slightest effort by the bibliographers.

The task of making information on the availability of works to the reader will always be relevant, but ways of solving it must take into account the realities of IT-century.

However, the triumphant spread of full-text Web editions (and reprinted heritage) creates new problems:

1. We know that such work was published – where to get the full text with no extra hassle?

2. What is published on a particular topic? (Search engines index texts, but not concepts and ideas, so in terms of thematic search paper "Hetman Kirill Razumovsky" refers to the "History of Ukraine 18 century", but searching for "History of Ukraine 18 century" unlikely to bring us to this article).

Our website should help solve these problems.