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Жарких М. І. Фальшиві київські мощі «святої Варвари».

Жарких М. І. Фальшиві київські мощі «святої Варвари». – К.: р. (Мережева публікація)

Language of edition: ukrainian

I note only the general lack of previous studies: they were intended to extract some positive historical information from these legends (e. g. M.Yu. Brajchevsky – from the legend of Metropolitan Michael), while the purpose of scientific historical research should be destruction of these legends, demonstration their late origin and ignorance of their authors (falsifiers of history) to the subject, which they undertook to write.

Metropolitan Michael

The relics of St. Barbara of Heliopol

+ The relics of St. Barbara in Kyiv

+ Byzantine princess Barbara

Little historiographical excursus



Author: Zharkyx Mykola Ivanovych (1956 –)

Personality: Barbara saint (1 third 1 th. n.e.)

Geographical object: St. Michael monastery in Kyiv

Subject: Myths in the history of Ukraine