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История и археология Крыма [10].

История и археология Крыма [10]. – Симферополь: г. – 389 с.

Language of edition: russian

Kisly A. E. Egalitarianism and Inequality. Scientific theories and Tribes of the Era of Bronze of Northern Black Sea Coast

Kop’eva T. A. Kurgan Monument of the Bronze Age in the Northern Crimea

Kropotov V. V., Koltukhov S. G. Barrow "Wolf Grot-1" in the Foothill Crimea

Koltukhov S. G. Scythian Burial Ground of the 4th Century BC in the Crimean Azov Region

Shul’ga P. I., Koltukhov S. G., Vybornov A. V. Scythian Kurgan Sara-Su 1 in Pre-mountain Crimea

Shonov I.V. Silver Monetary Releases Chersonese Taurian 178–164 BC

Gavrilov A. V. New Finds of Pontic Coins in the Crimea

Lysenko A. V. Imprint from a Roman Coin Found on the Sanctuary of Eklizi-Burun (South Crimea)

Matrosov M. A. The Chersonesos and the Eastern Roman Empire in 364–365: Why is the Population of Chersonesos Refused to Support the Revolt of Procopius?

Gavrilov A. V. Vessels of Chernyakhov Type and Hand-made Ceramics from the Burial Ground of Kara-Tau

Trufanov A. A. Two Burials with Neck-rings from Ust-Alma Necropole

Beilin D. V., Ponomarev L. Y. The North-Eastern Extremity of the Kerch Peninsula: Monuments of the Second half of VIII – First Half of X Centuries (Materials for the Preparation of an Archaeological Map)

Suprenkov A. A., Naumenko V. E., Ponomarev L. Yu. Settlement of VIII–X Centuries on Mount Chirkova 1 on Taman Peninsula: Economic Complexes of Group 4 (following of 2015 excavations)

Maiko V. V., Dzhanov A. V., Gukin V. D. Necropolis of Saltovo-Mayaki Time on the Site of Curtains X–XI of Sudak Fortress

Mogarychev Yu. M. Khazaria without the Khazars and the Khazars without Khazaria: Revisiting the Localization of Khazaria in 9th Century

Teslenko I. B., Maiko V. V. Spanish Ceramics with Cobalt and Lustre Painting from the Excavations in Sudak

Turova N. P. Archaeological Map of the Mountain and South Crimea on the Field Card File of E. I. Visniovskaja

Choref M. M. Georgian Medieval Coins from Crimea as a Source of Historical Information


Subjects (2): Archeology of the Crimea, Proceedings of Crimea