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История и археология Крыма [12].

История и археология Крыма [12]. – Симферополь: г. – 410 с.

Language of edition: russian

70th Anniversary of S. G. koltukhov 9

Gavrilov A. V. The Bronze Age Barrow no. 1973 at Botegech Hill in the South-Eastern Crimea 23

Danilova S. A., Kislyi A. E. The Palaeoanthropological Materials Excavated from the Barrow Group near Stroganovka Village (Steppe Crimea): The Bronze Age 47

Koltukhov S. G. The South-Eastern Crimea: Nomadic Camps and Villages, Belogorsk Barrow Cemetery and the Fort of Ak-Kaia / Vishennoe. On the Existence of a Scythian Enclave and the History of Scythian-Bosporan Relations 69

Tikhomirov V. A., Bytkovskii O. F., Mul’d S. A. A “Moustached” Barrow Severnoe-1 in the Belogorsk District of the Republic of the Crimea and the Search for Analogies in the Trans-Urals Area and Kazakhstan 83

Shonov I. V. The Monograms and Images on the Coins of Pantikapaion as the Attributes of Macedonian and Egyptians Kings from 256–221 BC 101

Gavrilov A. V. The Settlement of Zhuravki 2 at the Chora of Ancient Theodosia: The Results of 2016 Researches 115

Trufanov А. А. Metal Parts of Caskets from Barbarian Graves in the Crimea from the First to Fourth Century AD 163

Khrapunov I. M. The Sites of Fire at the Cemetery of Opushki 201

Mogarichev Yu. M., Shaposhnikov A. K. On the History of the Bishopric of Bosporos from the Fourth to Ninth Century 209

Suprenkov А. А., Naumenko V. Е., Ponomarev L. Yu. The Settlement of Gora Chirakhova 1 from the Eighth to Tenth Century on the Taman Peninsula: Economic Assemblages of Group 2 (According to 2015 Excavations) 221

Teslenko I. B., Parshina E. А., Aleksandrova I. А. Archaeological Assemblages and Ceramic Finds from the Twelfth and Thirteenth Century Excavated at Mediaeval Partenit (According to 1985–1988 Researches) 269

Teslenko I. B., Maiko V. V. The Ceramic Complex from the Late Mediaeval Houses in the Port Area of Sudak (According to the Materials from Excavation Trench VI, 2006–2010) 291

Turova N. P. The Birth of St. John the Baptist’s Church in Verkhniaia Massandra (According to the Materials of 2002 Archaeological Surveys) 333

Butovskii A. Yu., Bobkov A. A. On Some Aspects of the Conquest of the Crimea by the German Army in 1918 349

Tkachenko S. N. The Works of the Military History Team of the Northern Crimea Archaeological Expedition in 1951–1952 383

Kislyi A. Е. Kop’eva Tat’iana Aleksandrovna as a Researcher of the Catacomb Grave Culture of the Crimea (26.04.1961 – 28. 01.2020) 393

Kozhukhovskaia Yu. V. Per aspera ad astra. In Memory of Tat’iana Aleksandrovna Kop’eva 395


Subjects (2): Archeology of the Crimea, Proceedings of Crimea