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Lietuvos Metrika (1532–1534). 7-oji Teismų bylų knyga.

Lietuvos Metrika (1532–1534). 7-oji Teismų bylų knyga. – Vilnius: . – 32 + 192 p.

Language of edition: lithuanian

Historical period: 1532 – 1534

The published book No. 226 of the Lithuanian Metrica (Court Record Book No. 7) is the copy of the manuscript book of the first half of the 16th century, one of the document books compiled by the office of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and duplicated in the late 16th century following the order of Chancellor Leonas Sapiega.

The original of this folio of the Lithuanian Metrica has not been preserved to date – it was lost in the mid-17th century after the Muscovite army occupied Vilnius. In 1795, following the Third Partition of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, this copy book together with the rest of the Lithuanian Metrica books was relocated to the Russian Empire by tsarist officials.

Today, the LM-226 book (copy of the late 16th century) is stored in the State Archives of Early Acts of the Russian Federation in Moscow.

This publication contains the whole of the LM-226 book.

This folio has no title, however, was registered by the metricants of the early 17th century as the court record book of the sovereign of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania Žygimantas Senasis. As the book was compiled when the sovereign of the GDL was staying in the Kingdom of Poland (1532–1534), the central judicial institution of the GDL could not operate at full scale. Therefore the book contains only 8 transcripts of court rulings (out of 103 entries).

Alongside them deeds pertaining to the preparatory stages of the court hearing are filed, including certificates of the parties’ arrival at the court and readiness for the proceedings, notifications about complaints received by officials, written statements (documents) submitted to the sovereign’s court, and other trivial facts of the institution’s everyday activities filed to be remembered. In a sense this book was a table-top book of Žygimantas Senasis’ clerk Michailas Sviniuskis where he would record various matters that needed to be remembered: the sovereign’s business correspondence with the Council of Lords of the GDL and its members (sovereign’s letters sent from the Kingdom of Poland were filed), deeds pertaining to the GDL treasury (fiscal documents), and a bunch of privileges starting with those granting customs duties exemptions in the territory of the GDL and finishing with the usual sovereign’s benefices to noblemen. Most of the deeds contained in the volume had not been previously published, thus from now on all the documents of the LM-226 book will be available to historians.

The book is supplemented with scientific comments (remarks), subject, personal, and place name indices which should facilitate work with the historical sources contained therein.

Additionally, the book was supplemented with the fully preserved text of the Castellan of Vilnius (1527–1541) and the Grand Hetman of the GDL (1531–1541) Jurgis Radvila’s I legation to the sovereign (1532).

Only very laconic records of the audience of the said nobleman’s envoy with the sovereign could be found in the book itself (No. 54).


Author: Karaulis Laimontas (1973 –)

Subjects (2): Books of court cases of the Lithuanian metric, Lithuanian metric editions